Club News and Aggie Br”Ags”

Share your good news (Br”Ags”) with our Aggie Family! WHOOP!

Carol Fry’s great niece, Maisy, was accepted into A&M!

Kay O’Jibway has two new grand-babies, Emma & Charles!

Blake Strieder has a job!

Rings were ordered by Courtney Hudgens, Devon Mann, Dalton Prihoda, and Ty Murray!

Devon Mann & Trey Lowe became engaged, and their wedding is to be on June 24th!

Emily Pfeffer is going to be a great-grandmother this spring!

Allayne Babin has a job at TAMU in the geology department!

Laura Hudgens has a published book titled, A Day at Bern’s Family Farm!


Cheryl Maeker had a procedure performed on her neck.

Have you or an Aggie you know (former or current student) done something noteworthy?  Just write a brief paragraph and email it along with photos to